LEVEL 1 - 3

Please note

  1. MINTS International Theological Seminary issues all qualifications.
  2. MyFiladelfia is not a provider of Higher Education in South Africa.
  3. MINTS International Theological Seminary is registered with the Department of Education in Florida, U.S.A. and may lawfully issue religious qualifications. 
  4. The courses as mentioned on this website and all documentation are designed to prepare people for ministry. 
  5. These courses comply with the requirements of many private, independent and national bodies and institutions, Christian universities, and national and international seminaries. 
  6. With the necessary acknowledgement of previous studies, it may be possible for MyFiladelfia students to transfer to other institutions. 
  7. Neither MyFiladelfia nor MINTS, guarantee any future employment and also do not appoint people. 
  8. The student carries the responsibility to ensure that MINTS’ registration, is accepted, before applying for employment, or further studies. 
  9. The acknowledgement of training, acquired from MyFiladelfia (through MINTS), by another institution, is subject to the other institution’s discretion. 
  10. MyFiladelfia does not train people for secular work or a profession. 
  11. At MyFiladelfia, people are prepared through Scripture-based training to fulfil their calling from God.
    • All study fees rightfully paid to MyFiladelfia are not refundable. 
    • Deposits and fees already paid will be forfeited if a student quits within 30 days. 
    • No refunds will be applicable in the case of suspension. 
    • MyFiladelfia will not acknowledge any training completed by the student until all fees have been fully paid.