The equipping of persons for, as well as the doing of the ministry of Biblical Pastoral Counselling, Coaching, Care, Teaching, and Evangelism as an act of Worship unto God.


Yes, we are interdenominational and focus on what binds the Body of Christ.


Filadelfia Christelike Berading Kaapprovinsie” CC T/A MyFiladelfia Institute has provisional accreditation as a private provider with Services SETA (Accreditation number:12667). Currently, MyFiladelfia is approved by the Miami International Seminary (MINTS) www.mints.edu, who also issue the qualifications. Our courses are aligned with the NQF and lead to registration with selected professional bodies. Please note; MyFiladelfia is currently not a provider of Private Higher Education in South Africa. MyFiladelfia’s Dept. of Higher Education number is pending.


Yes, under Services SETA accreditation has been granted as a provider, number: 12667.


MINTS is a Florida Department of Education registered Presbyterian Seminary with 510 study centres in 68 countries. Please refer to www.mints.edu and www.fldoe.org/cie for more information.


Yes, most students manage to complete training in one year. Standalone courses can be started anytime in the year.


We will gladly evaluate any previous training. We will require an academic CV, transcriptions and we may request a portfolio of evidence if needed.


Together with the study material is an administrative manual with all contact particulars.


  • Association of Supportive and Holistic Counsellors. (ASCHP.net)