• Coronavirus (COVID-19) and MyFiladelfia.

    Dear MyFiladelfia family,  I wanted to share a quick message with you about what’s currently happening in South Africa and how this impacts your training at MyFiladelfia. Last night, our President, let us know that there will be a significant cancellation…

  • What is theology about?

    When you hear the word ‘theology,’ what comes to mind? The word ‘theology’ means many things to many people. Some embrace theology and others distance themselves from it, and in the process of distancing they actually practice theology. Here is…

  • Why apologetics?

    The study of apologetics also helps you–personally–to grow in confidence, grow in faith and establish an unshakable grounding in the love of God, forgiveness and trust in the Lord Jesus as King of your life

  • Don’t Fear Academic Scripts

    Some people are discouraged by the idea of hard work, which is understandable–in a secular context. However, in a theological context, hard work is done to the glory of God.

  • Look back to look forward

    Life is not just one dimensional. This is also true of our life experiences. The end of the year is the ideal time to reflect back at what we lived through this year. Sometimes we have to look back to…

  • What is Biblical Counselling

    In Short, biblical counselling, as well as a biblical counsellour, is driven by a focus on the Triune God, which operates within a framework that consciously tests the insights of theology and the Human Sciences against the Scriptures (1 Thessalonians…

  • Wat is Bybelse Berading?

    In kort, word Bybelse berading en die berader gedryf deur ‘n God drie-enig gerigte fokus wat funksioneer binne ‘n raamwerk wat bewustelik die insigste van teologie en die menswetenskappe aan die Skrif toets (1 Tessalonisense 5:21) en wat hulself onderwerp…

  • Why Biblical Counselling?

    Biblical Ministry focuses itself on facilitating inner healing under the direction of the Holy Spirit to those who have the need to live a life of victory in Jesus Christ.