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Biblical counselling for the world we live in.

In a world that is becoming increasingly secular, it’s more important than ever for Christians to be diligent in receiving biblical counselling. Pastors and church leaders must be equipped to provide effective counsel that speaks truth into the lives of those they shepherd. And while there are many different approaches to counselling, biblical counselling stands out as a necessary and vital practice for the Body of Christ.


The world has changed, and so has the way people process information.

Biblical counselling training has become increasingly popular in recent years as the world recognises the effectiveness of Scriptural principles. People realise that the Biblical approach is tailored to our needs and purpose and desire a relationship with Jesus that will enable them to reach their fullest potential. Biblical counselling empowers individuals by helping them process their experiences through the lens of Biblical truth and assists them in developing a deeper understanding of themselves and others as they unearth insights from God’s Word. People learn to extend grace, practice humility, and seek love by actively engaging with Biblical teachings. This new way of processing information is revolutionary, and it aims to move beyond facts and figures, diving instead into what it looks like to live out our faith in Christ.


Biblical counselling considers how the world we live in affects us.

Biblical counselling provides a unique and invaluable opportunity for those looking to better their lives through Biblical guidance. Biblical counsellors are trained to approach life’s issues with a Scriptural foundation, tackling some of the most challenging problems we face today. Biblical counselling training often involves studying Biblical texts and thinking deeply about how they can provide solace and strength during difficult times. Biblical counsellors strive to emulate Jesus by listening carefully, understanding everyone’s needs, and helping each person find strength and healing through the teachings of the Bible. Biblical counselling is an excellent spiritual resource that considers how the world we live in affects us, ultimately providing understanding and love from a Biblical perspective.

We are bombarded with messages that tell us what to do, think, feel, and believe.

The biblical perspective of counselling provides a Christian perspective on how we should process the many messages that bombard us daily. We can make scriptural decisions in delicate situations and be confident in our beliefs by following Jesus’ example. Learning Biblical principles gives us insight into recognising truth and filtering out harmful advice or messages. The Bible encourages us to think according to God’s standards, not ours, and this Biblical counselling training gives us the tools to do just that.

Counselling helps us sift through those messages and determine what is best for us.

Biblical counselling is a powerful tool to help guide us through life’s confusing and stressful moments. Biblical counselling training equips us with biblical knowledge to determine our course of action. Biblical counselling allows us to talk, pray, and explore answers using the Bible as our primary source. Through Biblical counselling, we seek and are taught how to be like Jesus in how we think and act so that, ultimately, His will prevails in our life circumstances. Biblical counsellors help us to sift through these messages from society and discern what is God’s best for us according to His Word.

It is a process of discovery that can help us find hope and healing in our lives.

Biblical counselling training is a valuable tool for many seeking hope and healing. It allows anyone to understand Biblical truths and scripts better by reading, studying, and discussing them in depth. All hope for recovery can be found through Jesus, and Biblical counselling training can bring us closer to that ideal. We can build relationships with Him and others when we read the Bible together and talk about our struggles, needs, questions, and doubts- all of which are essential components of Biblical counselling. Ultimately it allows us to come away with a fresh perspective on how Jesus desires us to live as we seek hope and alleviate pain in our lives.

Taking care of ourselves cannot be accessible in a constantly changing world that throws new challenges. Biblical counselling considers how our world affects us and helps us to sift through all the messages telling us what to do, think, feel, and believe. It is a process of discovery that can help us find hope and healing in our lives. 

If you are interested in equipping yourself with this valuable tool, please join our Level one Biblical counselling training program.

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Frequently asked questions, answered.

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