When you hear the word ‘theology,’ what comes to mind?

The word ‘theology’ means many things to many people. Some embrace theology and others distance themselves from it, and in the process of distancing they actually practice theology.

Here is the ‘thing,’ last week we established that theology refers to the study of God. We also know that believers are actually busy with the study of God in one way or other. Therefore they are doing theology.

Theology focuses on two aspects of God:

It might be that some are hesitant to ‘dive’ into doctrine, for example. But what if ‘doctrine’ means ‘teaching’ or ‘instruction.’ In this instance, both theology and doctrine are desirable for the Christian who is serious about growing into maturity in Him.

Truth does not tolerate errors, particularly when applied to God’s being and God’s acting. Therefore, it is important to keep on studying and learning about God. In this sense, we desire theology.

MyFiladelfia’s Theology courses aim to establish a solid biblical foundation to the Christian life and to help equip all believers along the road of Christian maturity, whilst at the same time empowering believers to share the Good News of Jesus Christ.

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God Bless
Pastor Craig


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