To many students, writing and academic script are either fearful or tearful because it is a difficult thing to do. Truth be told, only the latter is valid and it is also very doable. 

Contextually, you have completed a fixed set of courses over a number of years in response to the calling the Lord has established on your life.

 Let’s reflect:

You started your MyFiladelfia journey because you felt led to do so. You have accumulated much knowledge along the way, and it is now time to equip yourself toward the specifics of ‘the call.’

By pushing through. Your academic script is your choice of subject in line with ‘the call.’ MyFiladelfia will mentor, counsel and coach you in developing that ‘sharp edge.’

By spending time in His Word, examining your heart, praying and talking to MyFiladelfia. Sometimes we do not see the whole pathway, but we know where to step next, by faith (Psalm 119:105).

Yes, because there is always something more to learn.

Hopefully excited, confident and inspired. MyFiladelfia believes in you.

An academic script:

An experienced study mentor (Lizette, Craig or Rika) will always be at your side.

Is it difficult? Yes. Is it rewarding? Yes. Will it broaden my understanding? Yes. Will it benefit my spiritual growth? Yes. Will it help me live out the call of God? Yes.

Some people are discouraged by the idea of hard work, which is understandable–in a secular context. However, in a theological context, hard work is done to the glory of God, and this changes your motive and makes the script work in your heart and spirit!

Many students always ask me, “but what if I fail?” I answer, “yes, but what if you succeed? What if you finish the journey you started on?”

God bless,

Pastor Lizette

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