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Biblical Counselling Skills

  • Course 1: Introduction to Pastoral counselling (BAM142)
  • Course 2: Introduction to Biblical studies (BAB001)
  • Course 3: Personal development (PDE11E)
  • Course 4: Actual problem areas I (PAM12E)
  • Course 5: Actual problem areas II (PAM13E)
  • Course 6: Actual problem areas III (PAM14E)
  • Course 7: Contact session 1 (COS11B)
  • Course 8: Contact session 2 (COS12B)
  • Course 1: Challenges in childhood (PAM21E)
  • Course 2: Challenges in adolescence (PAM22E)
  • Course 3: Challenges in adulthood (PAM23E)
  • Course 4: Principles of Pastoral counselling (BAM311)
  • Course 5: The doctrine of Scripture (BAT021)
  • Course 6: Principles of Biblical interpretation
  • Course 7: Ephesians (MAB615)
  • Course 8: Contact session 1 (COS21B)
  • Course 9: Contact session 2 (COS22B)
  • Course 1: The Doctrine of Grace (BAT512)
  • Course 2: Pastoral Work and Illness (PAM33B)
  • Course 3: Marriage Therapy (BAM317)
  • Course 4: Christian Apologetics (BAL091)
  • Course 5: Personality development (PDE31B)
  • Course 6: Psychology for Christian Counselling (PAM32B)
  • Course 7: Contact Session 1 (COS31B)
  • Course 8: Contact Session 2 (COS32B)
  • Course 9: Advanced Pastorate (PAM42B)
  • Course 10: Christian Doctrine for Pastoral Counselling (BIB42B)
  • Course 11: Network of The Human Soul (PAM43B)
  • Course 12: Research Script (PAM44B)
  • Course 13: Contact Session 3 (COS41B)
  • Course 14: Contact Session 4 (COS42B)

Theological Skills

  • Course 1: Introduction to theology. (BAT024)
  • Course 2: An orientation to Biblical studies. (BAB001)
  • Course 3: Introduction to pastoral care (part 1) (BAM311)
  • Course 4: The Biblical foundation of mission. (BAH936)
  • Course 5: The Synoptic Gospels (BAB410)
  • Course 6: Acts and the Pauline Epistles. (BAB091)
  • Course 7: The Gospel of John and 1, 2 & 3 John (BAB414)
  • Course 8: Introduction to pastoral care (part 2). (BAM142)
  • Course 9: Hermeneutics (BAB081)
  • Course 10: Revelation (BAB639)



R2500 deposit at registration plus, 
R1200 p.m. x 12 months plus, (Level 3 x 24 months)

  • All study fees paid to MyFiladelfia are not refundable. 
  • All the MyFiladelfia courses can be taken individually.


R2500 each 


  • Registration for the January/February intake closes 28 February.
  • Registration for the June/July intake closes 31 July.
  • Registration for an individual course can be done at any time.

R990 p.m. x 10 months
or R9900 Once off.

  • The first payment is payable with registration.
  • Please consider using the debit order scheme.
  • All study fees paid to MyFiladelfia are not refundable or transferrable.

Please email Jack Martin at jack@myfiladelfia.com for a personalised quote.

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