MyFiladelfia Skills Development and Training in Theology and Biblical counselling.
Skills Development Provider
MyFiladelfia Skills Development and Training in Theology and Biblical counselling.

Specialized Training in Biblical Counselling and Theological Life Skills.

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Accredited Skills Development Provider SDP260523133008

Course Pricing


R 1875 Monthly
  • *Certificate in Theological Study by MINTS.edu (If so desired)
  • 12 months
  • 8 Courses online
  • 2 Online Zoom Contact sessions
  • Individual support and mentorship


R 1875 Monthly
  • *AATS in Theological Study as awarded by MINTS.edu (If so desired)
  • 12 months
  • 8 Courses online
  • 2 Online Zoom Contact sessions
  • Individual support and mentorship


R 1875 Monthly
  • *BATS in Theological Study as by MINTS.edu (If so desired)
  • 24 months
  • 14 Courses online
  • 4 Online Zoom Contact sessions
  • Register with Professional Board after completion


TBD 2024
  • *Occupational Certificate by the QCTO
  • 12 months at 237 Credits
  • Theory Online
  • Theory Online
  • Practical and Work in Learning Components
  • Register with Professional Board
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Recognition and Accreditation

Who is MINTS International Seminary?

Founded in 2000 and based in Miami, MINTS International Seminary has embarked on a mission to make theological education accessible and diverse. With a commitment to reaching residents from various backgrounds, MINTS offers multilingual classes catering to a global audience. We aim to educate, embrace and celebrate cultural diversity in our learning community. Innovative "School Without Walls" Approach MINTS stands out with its unique "school without walls" educational model. This approach isn't confined to traditional classroom settings. Instead, it's about bringing education directly to the people. Our dedicated professors establish independent schools in various communities, creating a network of learning that transcends geographical boundaries. Empowering Local Communities The core of our mission is to empower local believers. We provide them with the curriculum, high academic standards, administrative software, and training necessary to start schools in their communities. This initiative is available at reasonable or no cost, ensuring that financial constraints don't hinder the spread of knowledge and faith.

MINTS International Seminary

Learning and Faith These local schools aren't just educational hubs; they become transformation centres in existing areas. They are critical in continuing the Great Commission fostering spiritual growth and community development. Recognition and Non-Profit Status MINTS is recognized by the Florida Department of Education's Council on Independent Education (CIE), which has permitted us to award religious degrees. Our status as an IRS 501(c)(3) non-profit educational ministry reflects our commitment to providing accessible, high-quality theological education. Although MyFiladelfia does not represent MINTS in South Africa or is a study centre, we gladly take hands in furthering an international mindset to reach the nations. 
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MyFiladelfia is Accredited with the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations as a Skills Development Provider to present the CHRISTIAN RELIGIOUS PROFESSIONAL curriculum - SDP260523133008 Our primary focus is on the further development of the CHRISTIAN RELIGIOUS PROFESSIONAL curriculum in 2024. This carefully designed program aims to provide in-depth theological knowledge, practical ministry skills, and a deep understanding of Christian values and ethics. It's crafted for those who seek to enhance their understanding of Christian principles and apply them in various professional and ministerial contexts.


Benefits of Studying at MyFiladelfia Quality Education: The accreditation by QCTO assures that the education and training you receive at MyFiladelfia are of the highest quality and nationally recognized. Professional Development: Our curriculum is tailored to equip you with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel as a Christian professional, whether in ministry, education, or any other field where Christian values are integral. Community Impact: The knowledge and skills gained from our programs enable you to make meaningful contributions to your community, fostering spiritual growth and moral integrity. Commitment to Lifelong Learning At MyFiladelfia, we believe in the power of lifelong learning and continuous personal and professional development. Our courses are designed to be accessible and relevant, ensuring that every student gains the most from their educational journey with us.
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MyFiladelfia Skills Development and Training in Theology and Biblical counselling.

Discover the Power of the Gospel in Counselling

Our comprehensive Biblical counselling training program is tailored for those passionate about integrating biblical principles into counselling practices. You’ll explore the healing truths of Scripture and learn how to apply them effectively in counselling scenarios. The core of our curriculum revolves around the transformative power of the Gospel, ensuring you’re fully equipped to guide individuals towards a path of hope and healing in Jesus Christ.

Equip Yourself with Life Altering Biblical Knowledge

MyFiladelfia stands out for its deep commitment to imparting an in-depth understanding of God’s Word. Our expert instructors, who are seasoned in both theology and counselling, provide an immersive learning experience. You’ll gain essential tools and insights to become an effective biblical counsellor adept at addressing many life challenges through a Christ-centered perspective.

Biblical Counselling

Course Structure: Embracing Digital Learning with Excellence.

Innovative eLearning Experience

At MyFiladelfia, we’ve embraced the power of digital education to deliver our Theology and Biblical Counselling training. Our courses are hosted on Moodle, a leading eLearning platform known for its user-friendly interface and robust learning tools. This online format not only makes our program accessible to students across South Africa but also caters to a global audience seeking quality theological education.

What sets our training apart is the unique practical program, a first of its kind in South Africa. To ensure a comprehensive learning experience, we include two two-day online contact sessions each year. These sessions are conducted via Zoom, offering an interactive, engaging environment where students can deepen their understanding and apply their learning in real-world scenarios.

Online Learning Setup

After we receive and verify these documents, you’ll be granted access to our eLearning portal. This is where your educational journey in Theology and Biblical Counselling truly begins. Here’s what you need to ensure a seamless online learning experience:

  1. Computer with Internet Connection: A reliable computer with internet access is fundamental. This ensures you can access course materials, participate in online sessions, and engage with your peers and instructors without interruption.

  2. Working Email Address: Communication is critical. A functional email address is necessary for receiving course updates, notifications, and essential information from MyFiladelfia. WhatsApp access is also advantageous.

  3. Basic Computer Proficiency: The course involves navigating various online platforms and resources; a basic understanding of computer operations is essential for a smooth learning experience.

Additional Enrollment Requirements 

As you embark on your journey with MyFiladelfia, a few essential documents and steps are needed to complete your enrollment process. Ensuring these ready items will smooth your transition into our dynamic eLearning environment.

Necessary Documentation for Course Access

  1. A Copy of Your ID Book: This is crucial for verifying your identity and ensuring that all your course credentials and certifications are accurately attributed to you.

  2. Academic Credentials: Please provide a copy of your highest qualification. This helps us tailor your educational experience to your current level of academic achievement.

  3. Proof of Payment of the Deposit: This confirms your commitment and secures your place in the course. We will grant you access to our learning platforms upon receipt of this proof.

Commitment to Excellence

At MyFiladelfia, we uphold a high standard of education and training. The right of admission to any of our courses is reserved, ensuring that every student who joins us is aligned with our commitment to excellence in biblical studies and counselling.

Essential for Ministry Professional Registration

This eLearning and practical training blend is designed to fulfil the requirements for registering as a ministry professional. Our curriculum emphasises theoretical knowledge and practical skills essential for effective biblical counselling.

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